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Abebooks claims to be the world's largest online marketplace for used, rare, and out-of-print books. It links together sellers and buyers on a very easy to use website, searchable by author, title or keyword. Possible to set up library accounts for purchase orders. ****

American Scientist Bookshelf Archives

Every issue of the American Scientist contains reviews of about 20 new science books. From this site you can follow links to the fulltext of selected reviews and a list of the other books reviewed in each issue. ***

APS E-Print Archive

This web page set up by the American Physical Society serves as an archive for papers, meeting bulletins and discussion list postings on E-prints and their future development and probable impact on scholarly publishing. ****

Astronomy Thesaurus

A thesaurus of astronomy terms which also offers translations between English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. It is searchable alphabetically or by keyword but unfortunately has not been updated since 1995. ***


Extensive collection of links to resources available on the internet which are useful for professional astronomers. The searchable master database includes just under 3000 distinct resource records. ****

Atomic Physics on the Internet

Collection of links to resources for atomic and plasma physics including university departments and research groups, databases, free software, conferences and jobs. ***

Beam Physics and Accelerator Technology Virtual Library

This provides a good starting point for resources devoted to accelerator physics. Includes links for jobs, organizations, funding and other virtual libraries for beam physics. One criticism is that the conference section is very out of date. ***

Bernie Sloan's Digital Reference Pages

Compilation of Web resources on online/virtual/digital reference services involving collaboration between library users and librarians in a computer-based medium. ***


The UK based BUBL Information Service offers subject-based access to the Internet with resources classified using Dewey. Originally aimed at librarians, the service now seeks to serve the academic and research community more generally. BUBL Journals provides a current awareness service with table of contents and often abstracts for more than 200 journals, the majority of which relate to librarianship, information science or the internet in general. ***

Digital Librarian: a librarian's choice of the best of the Web

A large collection of websites selected by a librarian for quality and content and indexed by subject. Particularly useful is the section on electronic texts. ****

EEVL - Internet Guide to Engineering, Mathematics and Computing

This site provides access to engineering, mathematics, and computing information available on the Internet. It is produced by a team of information specialists from a number of universities and institutions in the UK. Resources being added to the catalogues are selected, catalogued, classified and subject-indexed by experts to ensure that only high-quality resources are included. ****

Erpanet - Electronic Resource Preservation and Access Network.

A European collaboration to support the preservation of cultural heritage and scientific digital objects. The site includes documentation, a forum, events' announcements, a directory and an archive of relevant papers. There are additional services for registered members. ****

Free Computer and Scientific books Online

A searchable database of links to over 400 computer-related and scientific books which are freely available online. ***

Google scholar

Google Scholar is the new Google web search engine which focuses specifically on scholarly publications in all subjects - both published material (books and articles) and grey literature (including theses, preprints, abstracts and technical reports). It crawls websites belonging to publishers, professional societies, preprint repositories and universities, and is also analysing the citations within these documents so if this service develops then there will be some interesting competition for existing bibliographic databases. ****

HEASARC High Energy Astrophysics Science Archive Research Center

This is an excellent resource for researchers working in the field of high energy astrophysics including access to archival data and observational analysis software. It also includes a selection of educational materials suitable for various age groups. ****

HEPIC High Energy Physics Information Center

With their Global HEP Search, you have 'one-stop shopping' for HEP information. HEPIC is basically a list of lists including: Employment Opportunities; Events; Experiments; HEP Virtual Phonebook; Newsletters and Periodicals; More HEP Resources; and References to Educational Resources, General Physics, Physics Organizations, Preprints, Reports, Lists of papers. All the links on the server are checked once a month. Certain links are checked on a more regular basis. ****


Fun, educational website from Marshall Brains, offering a huge selection of popular-science style articles on a very wide range of subjects including astronomy, physics, engineering and computing. Articles are quite detailed and well illustrated. Under the 'experiments' section there are even instructions on how to build a bubble chamber at home. ****

Internet Archive

As the name suggests, this site is seeking to build a comprehensive archive of internet sites and other material in digital form. It covers the period 1996 to the present day and contains around 100 Terabytes of data. A recent development is 'The Wayback Machine' which allows users to surf the web archive. The downside of this excellent site is that very high usage makes it extremely slow. ***


The Institute of Physics site contains a comprehensive collection of links to resources for physics at all levels. It covers online services, electronic journals, jobs, as well as physics for schools, business and industry. ****


The Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics (JCAP) is an international, peer-reviewed journal created by the International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA) and the Institute of Physics Publishing (IOPP). JCAP's philosophy mirrors that of its successful sister journal, Journal of High Energy Physics. Its coverage includes all aspects of cosmology and particle astrophysics and complete fulltext access is free of charge in 2003. From 2004, a low cost subscription rate will be introduced for institutions. *****


The LOCKSS project (Lots of Copies Keep Stuff Safe) was highlighted in issue 7 of our Webzine. The project now supplies open source software that provides librarians with an easy and inexpensive way to collect, store, preserve, and provide access to their own, local copy of the authorized content (ejournals) they purchase. ****

The Laws List

A compilation of laws, rules, principles and constants in physics and astronomy arranged alphabetically. ***

LibraryHQ.com - Resources for the Wired Librarian

Large collection of resources for librarians including conference listings, information on library automation technology, advice for job hunting and a classified ads section (mainly US based). Also includes access to a demo version of 'SiteSource', a searchable database of more than 35 000 websites fully catalogued in MARC format. ***

New Scientists Guide to the Quantum World

Selection of articles from the New Scientist which together provide a comprehensive introduction to quantum theory. ****

Particle Data Group

This is the online version of the essential "Review of Particle Physics". The printed version comes out bi-annually but the web edition is updated every year. There are seven mirror sites to ensure easy access at all times. Links are also provided to other HEP resources including the SLAC Online Particle Physics Information site. *****

Particle Physics in the UK

This is a well designed site for a wide range of information on particle physics. There is a good selection of links to mainly UK-based websites with important international sites included as well. ****

Physics Encyclopedia

Large selection of resources for physics, grouped by topic and further categorized by level. ****

PhysLink.com - Physics and Astronomy Online Education and Reference

Good collection of links for resources in astronomy and physics. Includes news, jobs, reference material, online forums. It also includes a 'fun' section with cartoons and jokes. ****

PhysNet The Physics Departments and Documents Network

Hosted by the University of Oldenburg Department of Physics, PhysNet offers a set of lists of links to physics institutions worldwide and a search facility for locally stored documents. The Educational Resources on Physics pages are listed in broad subject order and from there you find lecture notes, online courses and tutorials and a link to The Particle Adventure http://particleadventure.org/ .
There are links to other disciplines such as astronomy, biology, chemistry, crystallography and mathematics and a list of free full-text physics journals on the Web. ****


This is an international collaborative project, previously known as Tiptop, to try and provide a unified resource for physics information. It includes a comprehensive index of physics resources on the Internet, a variety of bulletin boards and covers events, news and job information in the physics area. *****

Pop Physics

Small collection of popular science articles in French on various aspects of physics, nicely presented. Also includes 'La list noire' - a selection of sites on the web that have been identified as 'pseudo-science' with explanations (in French) as to why they have been included. Controversial but perhaps useful. ***

Scout Report Project

"The Scout Report Site contains only the best internet resources, as chosen by the editorial staff of the Scout Report, cataloged and organized for efficient browsing and searching." ****

SLA PAM Special Libraries Association Physics Astronomy Math

If you want links to everything in physics, here they are: People, Professional Societies, Institutions, Reference, E-prints and E-journals, Pathfinders. *****

UNESCO Library Portal

The UNESCO Library Portal aims to enhance access to library resources available on the Web. Special emphasis is given to activities in the main areas of interest for UNESCO such as education, sciences, culture and education. It is a good starting point for resources from areas such as Africa. Librarians are encouraged to participate by providing information on activities, news and useful links ***

Yahoo - High Energy and Particle Physics in the News

List of links to news articles in the fields of high energy and accelerator physics. Sources covered include AIP Weekly Bulletin, BBC Science and JHEP. Updated daily. Main page also includes a list of related web links in the HEP subject field *****
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