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Issue 3 / March 2001

Editorial Issue 3

Michelangelo Mangano's article in Issue 2 was well received and provoked much interest  from other persons concerned with the passage from print resources to electronic resources. On this same theme we have learned that the Particle Data Group http://pdg.lbl.gov/ have carried out a survey of their users.

The underlying theme of this issue of HEP Libraries Webzine is change and experience be it as an actor or an onlooker. Gordon Fraser tracks the development of the CERN Courier from 1959 to today. André Heck makes comments in the light of about thirty years of activities linked to the information flow in astronomy. Some points are emphasized (such as the changing sociology of data centres) and wrong expectations are remarked upon (such as the all-electronic era).

Nathalie Pignard, Ingrid Gereteschläger and Jocelyne Jerdelet  give an insight into the 'Uploader' program for importing of preprints. Antonella De Robbio describes a Virtual Reference Desk for mathematics.

Anita Hollier reminds us that behind all the hype of the electronic age we have to decide what constitutes a genuine record and find ways to preserve the record itself for posterity, not just for the next click.

Once again we thank the authors who have been willing to spend some time and effort in writing an article for our journal. We hope that more people feel encouraged to come forward and share with us their ideas, experiences and points of view, either by writing an article or by commenting on the journal. Suggestions for improvements are always welcome.

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